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Friday, October 28, 2011

Turn picky eaters from yuck to yum

By Addie Broyles

AUSTIN, TEX. — Let’s face it: We all have foods that we just don’t really like to eat.
For me, I just can’t embrace celery like everyone else, not even with peanut butter and cute little “ants.” For my husband, it’s goat cheese. For others, it’s root beer, olives or white chocolate.

A willingness to try new things is a virtue, and food is no different. No one wants to seem like an uncultured swine for not liking pork belly, but let’s be honest, a chunk of seared pork fat has a texture that might not be for everyone.

And it’s no wonder we don’t like everything. With thousands of ingredients that can be combined in an infinite number of dishes, it’s easy for your tastebuds to feel overwhelmed. Eating involves all of our senses, so if the taste, texture, colour or smell of a certain food isn’t particularly pleasing, we tend to reject it. At least at first.

There’s some truth to the adage about having to try something 20 times before you like it, but for some people, especially children, sometimes you have to present it to them 20 times before they’ll even think about trying it, says Lea Gebhardt, a registered and licensed dietitian with Nutrition Therapy for Kids, who also works at Cedar Springs Austin, a clinic that specializes in treating people with eating disorders.
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What are ways to encourage a healthy relationship with food/positive association with meal time in young children in the effort to prevent the onset of eating disordered behaviors?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Anorexia During Middle-Age

By Aimee Boyle

Because most people associate eating disorders with adolescent girls, it may surprise them to learn that there are quite a few middle-aged people suffering from them as well. Middle-aged women not only suffer from anorexia nervosa but they are dying from this debilitating obsession with calorie restriction as well.

Anorexia is related to issues of control. When a young, developing girl feels that life is moving too quickly, feels tremendous pressure to become successful or to be thin (or even just to grow up), she may restrict her calories in order to feel in control. It's the one thing she can manage and make an impact upon -- her physical appearance and condition.
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If you are a middle-aged woman struggling with anorexia, what are some of the unique challenges you may be facing?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Mommy-rexia: Pregnant women feeling pressure to be thin are paying a big price

by Shern-Min Chow / KHOU 11 News

HOUSTON—You’ve seen the pictures: Glamorous celebrities who are thin and pregnant.
But if you’re thinking you’d like to look like that, think again – that look could come at a big price.
It’s a trend that’s been nicknamed "Mommy-rexia" or "Pregna-rexia."
And one Missouri City mom was seduced into a very ugly reality by images of skinny Hollywood moms.
Ashley, who asked not to use her last name, shared stark photos of herself, thin and badly bruised, with KHOU 11 News. She looked like she had been in a fight.
But the reality was much scarier than that.
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If you are pregnant and struggling with anorexia, what aspects of your pregnancy have been difficult?  What resources do you have available to ensure that you and your baby have the best possible outcomes?