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Monday, July 16, 2012

A Recovery Role Model

Jenni Schaefer is the author of “Goodbye ED, Hello Me”, “Life Without ED”, a regular guest on various television and radio shows, contributor to popular magazines as well as the Chicken Soup series, a speaker at schools, conferences. Jenni is a member of the ambassador council of the National Eating Disorder Association and her work has been recognized in Cosmopolitan, the Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post and Woman’s World. She is honest about her journey with her eating disorder and her recovery which she relates to as, her divorce from ED. She, in my eyes and many others, is an inspiration. She posted a blog on the Huffington Post website titled, ‘The Eating Disorder Time Suck’, which I believe is synonymous to this blog subject, anorexic hope. I think this post is important because she writes about the societal ED versus the eating disorder ED and the fact that many women are dissatisfied with their appearance and when taken to the extreme this is when an eating disorder occurs. Also, Jenni shares how she believes she is recovered, which can be a controversial topic in the eating disorder world and her take on it is quite optimistic and intriguing. If you are looking for inspiration and/or a recovery role model, please check out the attached links.
Hannah, intern with Eating Disorder Hope

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