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Monday, August 6, 2012

Being Stronger Than The ED In Your Head

  This past week I ran across a blog titled, I Love To Eat: A Former Anorexic's Wisdom, and of course it caught my eye immediately. The author is Jennifer Pastiloff who has been featured on Good Morning America. She is a motivational teacher, yoga instructor and an advocate for children with special needs.  In this blog post she writes about a recent trip to Trader Joe's and a comment made by an elderly man, "You sure like to eat!". I related so much to this, that I had to share this blog post with all of you because I am sure you have come across situations such as these as well. When I first came out of treatment I was still on a high caloric plan and people would stare at me or even make comments, though I knew I was doing what I needed to do. When someone from the external world makes any sort of comment about our weight, image, or food, the "ED in our head" becomes large and in charge. This is when it is up to us to take charge and take the power away from ED. Whatever we are eating, however much it may be, we are the only honest judge. Please read Jennifer's article, and her other articles as well about her recovery with overcoming anorexia. Her story gives me inspiration and I hope it will inspire you as well.

Hannah, intern with Eating Disorder Hope

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