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Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to Deal With Stress Over the Holidays
... on Earth this year -- or at the very least some peace of mind -- watch and listen to the advice on how to cope from best-selling author Dr. Gregg Jantz.


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Every Woman's Guide to Managing Your Anger book cover

Every Woman's Guide to Managing Your Anger

By Dr. Gregory L. Jantz with Ann McMurray @
Women juggle the bowling balls of family and finances, children and schedules, church and community, work inside and outside the home.  Within this time-pressured vise, self-care and personal reflection get squeezed out. Over time, each new responsibility, each additional task can feed the flame of anger and resentment.  Injuries and pain of the past weaken the ability to bounce back from frustrating, difficult or stressful situations.  Old wounds, unhealed, break open afresh with present problems.  This pain hurts; when you get hurt, you get angry.

Anger can be an empowering, supercharged emotion shielding a person from the inevitable darts of life.  But like a drug used to cope in the short-term, anger creates an impossible situation long-term.  What do you do when your repertoire of responses grows shorter and shorter, with more and more synonyms for rage?  What do you do when anger is all you think you have left to feel? 

Welcome to Every Woman's Guide to Anger.  This book addresses the unique situations and pressures that contribute to anger in women.  Women have unique reasons for their anger; to counter these you need to marshal unique resources to overcome anger and live a life of contentment and peace.

Dr. Jantz has generously donated 10 books to be given away in this drawing!

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