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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Exclusive Interview: Tracey Gold (Starving Secrets)


Actress Tracey Gold has had her own share of growing pains, but now she's helping others cope with their own.

The actress, best known for her role as Carol Seaver on the 1980's sit-com Growing Pains, has created a new reality show for Lifetime called "Starving Secrets."  The show addresses the issue of anorexia, a disease that she herself  has publicly fought and won.

Through what she calls "an amazing support system,"  Tracy has risen above the disease that plagued her and has established herself as an actress, producer and advocate, while living happily with her husband and four sons in suburban L.A.

At the end of the day, it's the simple things in life  that  make her happy and keep her grounded.   We recently had the chance to speak with Tracey about her new show, and what inspired her to create it.  As she now enters the reality ring to do battle with anorexia - this time with others who are affected- her mission is clear.

Through her own experience with the disease, she intends to offer treatment,  hope, and ultimately, healing to those affected by what she calls a "lonely, isolating" disease.  With the premier date set for December 2nd, Tracey is hoping that "Starving Secrets" will get people thinking and talking.
In the meantime, here's what she said to us.
...Continue reading interview here.
If you have been in recovery from anorexia, what might you be willing to share from your journey that may be an encouragement to others who are struggling?

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