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Monday, November 7, 2011

Featured Article: Ozzie & Harriet’s’ House it isn’t: The Holiday Family Meal and other topics to Binge on…

Written by: Dr. Deborah Russo, Clinical Psychologist
Remuda Ranch
Nov 7, 2011
 Somebody remind me again how I am supposed to do this?

Going to my family’s house for the holidays is not something that gives me warm fuzzes if you know what I mean.  It always turns out the same way, I go in with a good attitude, saying it is going to be different, and I leave feeling like a failure.

What is going to be different this time? I ask my therapist.

“You tell me,” she says………  of course… she goes there

Well, I have done a lot of work with setting limits –“right, go on”…

And even though I feel scared of it all, I can use the things we practiced during the difficult times, like dinner and tough conversation times.  I remind myself of how we played it out several times and know it is just time to challenge myself and do it.

A great deal of the work we do with disordered eating has to do with helping them build the skills to manage life differently, along with changing the way they do relationships.  Many individuals who have undergone struggles with eating disorders whether it is anorexia, bulimia or binge eating all have difficulty knowing their own limits and needs.   Finding their place and their roles within their families and other relationships without the eating disorder at the forefront are equally challenging.  For a sufferer or even a recovered individual, the holidays can be a stressful time because food, mood and family are intensely connected.

“So what is it you can say to inspire me”? I say to my therapist looking for a confidence boost!”  She smiles at me and pauses……… asks me to list off all the events that I have gotten through so far this year without falling off the cliff.  …Let’s see… break up with a boyfriend,  layoff from work, best girlfriend’s wedding, ... But, I didn’t succeed through all those things!”   “Remind me what your definition of success is?” she asks....Finish Reading Article

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