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Monday, November 21, 2011

Skills to Empower You for the Challenge of Going Home for the Holidays

...reprinted from the article Ozzie & Harriet's' House it isn't:  The Holiday Family Meal and other topics to Binge on... by: Dr. Deborah Russo, Clinical Psychologist @ Remuda Ranch

As the holidays approach, here are a set of skills to empower you for the challenge of going home for the holidays:    
  1. Use limit setting- take my own car and leave if conversations begin going south, hot and heated and negative.
  2. Take along a supportive friend with me; I don't have to go it alone.
  3. Practice using rational thoughts and mindful eating.
  4. Set some reasonable goals for myself that include realistic expectations.
  5. Pay attention to my feelings and remember to get up from the table and distract myself from desire to binge.
  6. Use boundaries and stay connected to myself
  7. Eat in balance, moderation and avoid skipping meals so I am not already in deprivation mode before I get there...finish reading article

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